Can I Trademark a Name

Can I Trademark a Name?

Yes you can trademark your Name under certain circumstances.

If you are using a particular word, graphic, phrase or slogan on a Name, you can trademark it to prevent any other manufacturers from using it without your permission.  For example, the mark “Tim Tebow” is a registered trademark for a variety of gadgets.  A Name trademark entitles the owner of the trademark to stop others from using their mark or a similar mark on a specific goods & services without their permission.

To trademark a Name the name must achieve secondary meaning – acquired distinctiveness to merit trademark protection. The United States Patent and Trademark Office will reject your trademark application if they determine that your word, graphic, phrase or slogan is absent a showing of acquired distinctiveness and likely push you to the Secondary Register.

If you want to trademark your Name please contact US trademark attorney Mat Grell at 678-202-5990. We would be happy to discuss your potential trademark application and answer any trademark questions.

Please contact US trademark attorney Mat Grell at 678-202-5990

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