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What is the cost of a US Trademark Application?

$599 + US Trademark filing fee. Start now!

Recommendation: Use a US Trademark Attorney to file and register your Trademark here in the US.  Caution- Do NOT send your trademark overseas through an online form! Use U.S. Trademark Attorney Mat Grell.

$599 US Trademark Attorney fee for the preparation of a US Trademark Application (Including, drafting the goods/service description, selecting the goods/services classification and preparing the US Trademark transmittal documents). Online price only.

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Trademark Application

Plus a $325 US government-filing fee to the US Trademark Office – this is the fee for a single mark and a single class of goods. (If you desire to proceed with a  Trademark Registration  in more than one Trademark classes, our attorney fee is $100.00 for each additional class and the U.S. Trademark Office charges $325.00 government-filing fee for each additional class.)

Total: $824. (for a single class).  Get started today!


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